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Follow along as three bloggers take on the Home Farming Challenge brought to you by Triscuit.

Introducing Triscuit’s Home Farming Blogger Challenge!

It’s the year to grow your own grub! And if you’ve never harvested your own vegetables, you’re in good company. We’ve recruited three bloggers for our Home Farming Triscuit Challenge to share with us their journey in gardening with vegetables for the first time.  Follow along here weekly to stay up-to-date on their gardening tricks and techniques or find advice on Better Homes and Gardens.

Meet Our Home Farming Bloggers


Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis is a 28 year old work at home mother to three children living in the rural town of Chatham, IL – in the heart of farming country. Together, Jonathan (husband) and Catherine are raising their 9 year old son Mattison, 4 year old daughter Kaydence and 2 year old daughter Emmaleigh to enjoy small town living and experience home farming as a way to provide fresh vegetables for the family meals. Although Catherine grew up with parents that grew tomatoes every summer, she has little home farming experience herself. Catherine hopes to be able to provide fresh, organic vegetables that can be brought from the garden to the family dinner table.

As a social media mom, Catherine is the author of, a personal blog where she shares her love of parenting, home-style cooking and great product finds for families.



Peabody Rudd

Peabody Rudd has run the baking and pastry blog, Culinary Concoctions by Peabody since June 2005.

She is a former math and science teacher who now substitute teaches and runs her blog. For fun she plays ice hockey and is captain of her Men’s (yes, she plays with guys) league hockey team.

Peabody lives north of Seattle, WA in a two bedroom apartment with her lovable goofball cocker spaniel.

Peabody has a self proclaimed black thumb, even killing a cactus that someone once gave her. She has grown some herbs successfully before but is out to prove that you can have a usable garden in even the smallest of patios and spaces.



Annie Shultz

Annie Shultz is a small town Kansas girl, living on 20 acres in the Kansas woods with her carpenter husband.  She graduated with a journalism degree and decided to stay home with her 3 young children – Lizzie (4 yrs), David (2 yrs) and Lucy (4 months).  She blogs from her small town home near Wamego, Kansas, about life with such young children so close in age.  Her passion has always been writing and connecting with others and she found the perfect marriage in her blog, Mama Dweeb.  Last year was her first year gardening and she learned quickly what pigs deer can be. This year her carpenter husband will be building a tall fence!

8 Responses to “ Introducing Triscuit’s Home Farming Blogger Challenge! ”

  1. I can’t wait to see what these ladies come up with it’s going to be great!

  2. hope they all have a great growing season

  3. I hope they all get lots of votes.

  4. looks like a lot of fun… hard work, but fun.

  5. This is so much fun watching them start their gardening. They are so excited about it all. There will be setbacks but there will be great joys. There is also a next year if you make a some mistakes. Something I would like to tell Mama Tweed is that the deer may learn how to jump over their fence. They can jump very high. I read once that deer need to know where they are going to land (on the other side) and that instead of having the fence straight up and down that if the fence leans over quite a bit the deer are learly about jumping over as they aren’t sure if they would land safely.

    One other thing I wanted to say is about planting carrots. That is if you can leave them in the ground until after a light freeze, they get sweeter. They don’t have to be dug at any certain time. You can even cover them with some bales of straw and dig them in the winter. That doesn’t work for me here in Minnesota as I don’t like to get out and dig in the snow in the wintertime for a few carrots. I do love to garden and love the smell of fresh springtime soil but I hate the knats and mosquitos and weeds. Good luck kids.

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