“The Ultimate Prize Is Our Health”

tiffany lehman

It’s official. What I once thought was a pipe dream is a reality. I applied for us to be chosen for this challenge thinking never would we be picked. The only person I told was Andy, my husband, and even then I just kind of told him in passing. I applied late one January evening and I told him as we were getting ready to call it a night, thinking…we’ll never be chosen. When I got the call that we were finalists, I just had a feeling that we would be the lucky family to get the honor to participate in this challenge.

We ‘re very excited, happy and thrilled to start this challenge, but it also made us nervous. Nervous that we are going to be so out there. Nervous about failing. It’s one of my biggest weaknesses: fear of success and failure. But then I think about our strengths. We’re very determined and committed to this challenge and know that we will put our best foot forward.

We really hope to inspire and challenge others to make good choices for their families. The epidemic of being overweight is so vast in our communities. But by making small diet changes, we can have a huge impact on health.

We hope that in this journey with Family Circle we can learn that a fast-paced, busy family can still find time to eat healthy, get workouts in, have fun and watch our waistlines shrink in the process. The ultimate prize is our health and being able to pay the journey of health forward to our children. I want to teach my daughter Anna and my son Jack how to be the best nutritionally they can be and not struggle with weight gain like Andy and I have.

I’ve been a member of SparkPeople for a while and gotten great support there.

Post a comment and let me know about the healthy legacy you’d like to leave for your kids.

6 Responses to ““The Ultimate Prize Is Our Health””

  1. Congratulations, Tiffany! I am so proud of you, Andy, and the kids! You are an AMAZING person, and I know you will do great! Lots of love and prayers from my family to yours! xoxo

  2. You and your beautiful family will do great! We are going to continue to watch your progress on your journey and cheer you on every marker! So proud of you!!!

  3. I know you can do it, Tiff! You are one of my heroes!

  4. Tiffany, ever since you told me about this I have been waiting to read all about your journey. I am so proud of you and your family. I have watched what you have already done, and I am impressed.

  5. How exciting! I can’t wait to watch your progress. You can do this!

  6. Love the page! I am a master’s student in applied nutrition. I recently opened up discussion on my blog about how healthy eaters are made, not born- if anyone has anything healthy tips to share, wants tips on how to raise healthier children, or simply wants to check out the blog, feel free to head on over: