Meet the Avaglianos’ Nutritionist

elizabeth fassberg

New York City-based Elizabeth Fassberg, R.D., is president and founder of Eat Food, a company that designs custom nutrition programs for businesses, organizations and individuals.

She’ll be helping the Avaglianos transform their behaviors and build health awareness.

“I try to figure out how to motivate people to make changes within their comfort zone,” says Fassberg.

Her Family Plan: “I want them to make the decision to change certain things rather than me telling them,” explains Fassberg. “I’ll have them discover what’s in the prepared foods they eat by looking it up online or checking the food label. When they see the high calories, carbs, sodium, saturated fat and sugar, they’ll make the decision to cut down. I won’t have to tell them.”

Her Healthy Eating Tip: Drink seltzer flavored with a splash of citrus juice in place of soda or juice alone. “It’s a waste of calories to sip sweetened drinks,” says Fassberg.

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