Meet the Lehmans’ Nutritionist

Stephanie Karpinske, R.D.

Stephanie Karpinske, R.D., is author of Read Before Dieting: Your 4-Step Plan for Diet Success. Through her Urbandale, Iowa–based company, SK Health Communications, Karpinske develops recipes and writes for supermarkets and food companies.

Family Circle asked Karpinske to guide the Lehmans through their six-month makeover and give them some of the knowledge they need to accomplish their goals.

“Even the best advice isn’t helpful if it doesn’t fit into your life,” says Karpinske. “The Lehmans need tips tailored to their lives.”

Her Family Plan: “Helping the Lehmans make time for healthy eating will be my priority. They need a go-to meal plan, a kitchen stocked with basics for super-quick recipes and snacks, and a weekly menu that includes ‘emergency dishes’ for those too-tired-to-cook nights.”

Her Healthy Eating Tip: Replace brown or white rice with quinoa. “You’ll get five times the fiber versus white rice and nearly 50% more protein than brown rice,” says Karpinske.

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One Response to “Meet the Lehmans’ Nutritionist”

  1. I make a very healthy bean salad and add that to my daily
    meal plan. The 4 beans used are: black, pinto, garbanzo, &
    black eyed peas. It is full of fiber & something that this
    Tiffany could make at night, take to work for lunch – I add
    a hard boiled egg on top, a few wheat crackers, & it’s a
    meal full of good nutrition. Have her try it.