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Trees Are Good

My fellow BHG garden editors and I had the pleasure of hosting representatives from ISA — International Society of Arboriculture — yesterday here at BHG headquarters. Arboriculture is the field of growing and maintaining trees and it covers a lot more than you may think: From picking the right tree, planting it correctly, maintaining it well (dealing with everything from pruning to storm damage to attack from pests such as Dutch elm disease and emerald ash borer), and the sad job of taking it down once a tree has reached the end of its natural lifespan.

We all know that trees are good — they help give oxygen, filter pollutants from the air, and create shade — but the folks at the ISA pointed out other reasons why we should have trees in our lives. For example:

  • They increase our property values.
  • Casting shade on our homes in summer or blocking cold winter winds can help save a significant amount of money from our heating and cooling bills.
  • Tree roots help absorb storm water runoff, allowing moisture to naturally filter back into the environment instead of going into storm sewer systems.
  • They can help make us better people; recent research at the University of Rochester showed that being around trees and nature can reduce our stress, help us heal from injuries faster, and  can actually help us create closer relationships with friends/family.

Interested in adding a tree to your landscape? Check out our online Plant Encyclopedia to help you find the best type for your needs.

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