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I Did It: Christy of Planted and Blooming Girl

Hi all!  I’m Christy, the “Planted and Blooming Girl,” a busy mom who dabbles in DIY projects in my spare time. The biggest of these is my staircase, and thanks to BH&G for featuring my project this month, as well as asking me to “guest blog” about it!  Although the entire process was an adventure, I have to admit, the most exciting part of the whole ordeal was when I was called and asked if I would be interested in having my staircase renovation featured.

I almost ignored the call when it came, because the number was unavailable!  I did answer, lucky for me, and this sweet voice introduced herself as Kit Selzer, an editor from Better Homes & Gardens…my mind was wandering at this point, could my subscription really be up, already? Wait… did she say editor? She went on to ask if I had submitted my staircase redo to the “I Did It” section online? Why yes, that’s me. She proceeded to explain that they would like to feature it in an upcoming issue of the magazine. What? In print? Get the heck out!!! That’s so awesome, I’m thinking, because now, it proves to my husband that the stairway really does look good! He didn’t understand the molding and trim or why I even ripped up the carpet to begin with! So I waited for her to get to the part where I send them a picture of me in front of the stairs and they publish it. Not the case. Kit told me that they would like to send a stylist and camera crew to my house to photograph the staircase, featuring me and possibly, my kids, within the next three weeks!

After several phone conversations with Kit and Lauren Matina, the stylist, reality set in that my stairs were going to be in a magazine! How crazy is that!? The staircase to be featured is in my family room, which I cleaned and arranged to magazine-page perfection for three days before they came. Little did I know, that once Lauren, John Bessler (the photographer) along with his assistant, arrived, they would upend everything in the room! Furniture was moved and artwork was taken down to make room for the huge photography screens, computers, camera equipment, clothes, shoes, and accessories. (Everything went back into place at the end of the day.) Lauren had her work cut out for her, by trying to coordinate the clothing for five kids! (Welcome to my world every single holiday.) It was a whirlwind and lasted for almost six hours! Six hours for one picture! It was a long day of taking pictures on the stairs, but John made the day fun because he was so great to work with!

This experience was so much fun, completely unexpected, and so unlike anything I’ve been involved in, as well as my children. I have such an appreciation for how much effort goes into each and every picture featured in this magazine.

Thank you again to BH&G for selecting my project. I hope I have given other people a bit of inspiration to “bloom” where they are planted and try a project they have admired!

Christy, Planted and Blooming Girl

One Response to “ I Did It: Christy of Planted and Blooming Girl ”

  1. Great job! How do you find time with all those (cute!) kids!

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