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Organize This: Linens!

Storing linens can be tricky and not all that exciting, if you let it be!  But it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, it can be beautiful, functional and simple with a few quick and easy tips and smart products choices.

See, so pretty right?  The first myth I want to bust about storing linens, is that you need a linen closet.  Sure, they are great for storing mounds of towels, sheets and everything else home, health and beauty, however, if you are lacking in the closet department, a simple cabinet, armoire or slim bookshelf all can act as a solid replacement.


Even cabinets under the sink have all sorts of storage power if utilized correctly.  The backs of doors are often forgotten, yet offer large amounts of storage expansion opportunity.  Corbels don’t just act as counter and shelving support, they can double as beautiful dividers for leaning linens.  Baskets and trays are perfect for corralling the itty bits.


Let’s chat about folding for a minute.  Some people have major folding skills and powers.  Others, myself included, do not.  If you are a linen folding pro, I love the idea of keeping all edges facing the same way for a clean and streamlined look.  If you are not, one option is to fold your sheets the best you can, and place them inside of the matching pillowcase.  This keeps everything together in one place and is basically free storage for your sheets!


Another option is to tuck the sheets inside of baskets.  This is what I do as it keeps my linens looking neat and tidy, organized by room, and I don’t need to worry about making every fold perfect.


If you have a few sets of sheets or towels per room, dividers typically designed for the kitchen, can tuck within a bin or basket to keep everything nice and divided.  So smart!


Rolling your towels is a really great space saving option.  And if your closet or cabinet doesn’t give you all the shelving you need, simple inserts can be added to double the shelf space and reduce piles from stacking too high (which causes the risk of toppling over and a jumbo mess to be formed).


To give your cabinet a unified look, cover typical boxes with pretty papers or fabrics.  They are a great way to conceal bulk toiletry purchases or to create small care kits for guests.


If everyone in the family uses different products, designating a canvas bin for each person reduces any confusion and makes clean up a breeze.


Once you have a place for everything, labels are the glue that will keep it all together.  No matter how you sort things down, once you add a decorative label, it will be simple for the entire family to easily stay on board with the newly organized space!


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3 Responses to “ Organize This: Linens! ”

  1. Loved this and now I cant wait to try it out in my over stuffed linnen closet. Thank you so very much for sharing.

  2. To give your cabinet a unified look, cover typical boxes with pretty papers or fabrics.

  3. Another option is to tuck the sheets inside of baskets.

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